Leave the fear and self-doubt at the door, my dears. It’s not welcome here.

I’m a strategy maven. I begin each project with brand discovery. Then I want to hear your goals. What’s your “sky goal,” as I call it? Do you have one? Do you know the path to achieve it? As a strategic thinker, I’ll work with you to develop a path towards your end goal. A plan that delivers results and helps you grow and learn in the process.

  • basic goal setting, short term & long term strategic planning
  • branding strategy
  • social media strategy
  • project management & workflow

I’m a design junkie. Visual representation of your brand is essential.  Whether it’s your website or your business cards, what people see is important. Great design combined with consistent branding inspires great results.  But I’m not all frou-frou here. Great design is accomplished through equal parts goal-setting, strategic planning and visceral or connotative emotion.

  • logo design
  • social media skins, banners & templates
  • blog templates
    • blogger/wordpress
    • ad banners, buttons, etc.
  • Publishing designs
    • ebook layout
    • book cover design
  • marketing materials development
  • business card & stationary development
  • website
    • design & development
    • search engine marketing & optimization
    • copywriting
    • favicons

I’m a marketing expert and self-confessed marketing addict. I help businesses identify marketing goals and create targeted marketing strategies to gain attention, traffic and reaction from the right audience.

  • e-newsletter templates & campaigns
  • press release development & dissemination
  • event planning resources
  • media outreach
  • customized integrated marketing campaigns

I’m a fearless leader who’s passionate about helping others reach their full potential. Not sure where to start? Have an idea, but want to bounce it off a professional? Tired of bitching and ready to make a change? Let’s chat.

  • business development
  • business consulting
  • one-on-one brainstorming sessions
  • workshops/coaching/lectures
  • training
    • digital media
    • marketing

Other services
Continued maintenance of your site, materials updating or consulting.