I hate technical difficulties.

My web-server, my computer and my email client have been screwing up since yesterday. They’re all working together to make me take a day off. The bastards!

Some people weren’t able to get to my site, some people weren’t able to sign up for my Stop F’n Around list.

At times, I couldn’t do ANYTHING on my site.

To top it off, my first Stop F’n Around newsletter was mysteriously deleted from my email marketing client TWICE!

TWICE! I’ve NEVER had a problem with them before, so I don’t know WTF is going on.

I think all the problems are fixed now, but I was thoroughly pissed.

To make myself feel better, I bought a lot of chocolate and wine, I mean, released the first edition of my Stop f’n around newsletter on Twitter to share with everyone who had problems with the site yesterday.

I won’t do it again. So enjoy it while you can.

In this first edition, I’m teaching you how to make a mind-control ray. Seriously. It’s day 1 in the “Sell more of your products in 3 days” series. Why wouldn’t mind-control rays be covered?

Check it out www.twitter.com/creativityloft

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