Protect Your Dream Pintester Sonja Foust

I’m continuing my guest post series with an awesome post from a gal I adore!

I met Sonja Foust several years ago and I instantly knew two things:

1. I adored her personality.

2. I wanted her wardrobe.

Sonja is an author, experienced blogger and the brains, beauty and fuck-up master behind The Pintester, the uber popular blog that generates more than 1 million pageviews per MONTH and more than 75,000 UNIQUE website visitors per week.

With a tagline like “Fucking up Pinterest pins so you don’t have to” The Pintester is a testament to how doing business YOUR way, with authenticity and personality, can pay off.

This chick is fire, spunk and just enough profanity to rekindle my not-so-secret love of the f-word.

In today’s blog post, Sonja outline six “socially unacceptable” ways to be successful in life and business.



Sonja Foust Pintester Business AdviceHi, I’m Sonja Foust, an author and the blogger behind I’ve had lots of people ask me how I got successful so quickly. The short answer is me laughing in the questioner’s face, because I’ve been blogging in some form since 2001, and there’s nothing quick about that. But here’s the long answer. And I have to warn you, it’s not all that socially acceptable to do some of these things.

1. Be your own biggest fan.

Laugh at your own jokes. (Or tweak them until you think they’re funny.) Fall in love with everything you write. (Or edit it until you love it.) Be passionate that your idea is absolutely the very best thing ever. Your mom told you that you shouldn’t brag, but if you’re not on board with your stuff, no one else will be either.

2. Offend some people.

You can tip-toe through life without offending too many people, but big, crazy ideas like the ones that are going to take you somewhere will offend someone. is patently offensive, and I had to make the decision to know it and do it anyway. But I’m talking philosophically, too. Some people will be offended if it’s your dream to be filthy, stinkin’ rich or wildly successful or super-famous. Too bad. Let ’em. You can laugh all the way to the bank when you make it happen.

3. If you fail hard, quit.

Obviously I don’t mean quit everything, but if your blog isn’t getting more visitors than you and your mom, something isn’t working. You need to quit and try a new iteration. Or make a big change. Or chase your next brilliant thing. Just don’t get stuck spinning your wheels. I had many “failed” blogs before, but I tried them for a while to see if they would gel or get traction, or if I could tweak them into something that would, and if they didn’t, I cut ties and moved on.

4. Do it for the money.

I know, doing what you love is its own reward BLAH BLAH BLAH. You can’t do what you love full-time if you’re not making money at it. Simple as that. Go in with a monetization plan. It’s best if you can make at least a little money even right away. And you know what else is great about money? It’s super validating. “Why yes I am a blogger– I make money at it.” Sounds good, right?

5. Don’t blindly follow your dreams.

Or at least don’t get so attached to your dreams that you can’t see the other opportunities around you. I thought my dream was to be a big famous romance author. That would still be cool, but it turns out my dream is really to make a living writing. So who cares if it’s from my blog or my novels? Figure out what your dream really is. Do you want to be famous so you can be rich, or do you want to be famous so that everyone will know who you are? Do you want to own your own business so you don’t have to deal with a boss, or do you want to own your own business because you’re passionate about whatever that business idea is? None of the answers are wrong, here, you just need to know what they are so you’ll recognize new dreams when they saunter by.

Sonja Foust The Pintester Business Advice

6. Look out for number one.

If it’s your dream and your life and your business, you need to be responsible for protecting it. Sure, mentor your friends and be philanthropic and all that, but take care of your stuff first. No one else will. Ladies, I am particularly talking to you, here. It’s a function of society (or whatever) that we tend to fade into the background to support everyone else’s dreams, and never think about our own. I’m not saying you can’t be supportive of other people, but do yourself the same favor.
None of these things are going to get you deep into the inner circles of polite society, it’s true, but I hope they’ll get you closer to whatever it is that success means to you!
Now go out there and be socially unacceptable.


Thanks so much for stopping by, Sonja!

Tell me, folks: What “socially unacceptable” tactics have you implemented in your business that led to success?

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