Habari gani?

The news in social media last week was pretty interesting, according to a new article by Chris Neri. The MarketingProfs #SocialSkim article featured some news that affects me and the brands I work with directly…so it may affect you too. I’ll get right to it:

Facebook is going to punish you if you try to “bait” your audience into engaging with you.

You know all those “share this with 7 friends to enter to win” or “comment if you like puppies” or “vote with a reaction” posts you see on Facebook? Well the social media giant says – quote* – you gon’ learn today (or soon) when it comes to using their algorithm to grow your business.

While some posts like this are just cheesy, I’ve seen some really well done contests, legitimate audience surveys and just fun/entertaining campaigns. In addition to the practical implications of using Facebook native features to build awareness for critical needs.

Neri assures:

Missing child reports, fundraisers, and travel tip requests, among others, will be omitted from the social network’s new policing policy.

Choose your next Facebook campaign wisely, folks.

…Another interesting development, based on Neri’s article, relates to the company that gets all my money: Amazon.

Seems somethings brewing in Bezo’s bunker to position it for straight up digital MMA with Google. Neri writes:

A new twist on the ongoing Amazon YouTube feud could be on the horizon in 2018: Amazon recently trademarked “AmazonTube,” which the trademark application describes as “non-downloadable pre-recorded audio, visual and audiovisual works via wireless networks on a variety of topics of general interest.”

That makes AmazonTube sound a whole lot like an on-demand video streaming network just like…YouTube.

Between Google’s YouTube pulling its app from Amazon’s Echo Show and FireTV devices, and Amazon’s Prime Video app being unavailable on Google Chromecast, AmazonTube seems to be the next big arena where the two media giants square off.

We should all keep an eye on this.

…Next up: customer service on social media. We all know Facebook has been tweaking (and promoting) it’s messenger features for businesses as a way for them to interact with their audiences, well now Twitter makes some upgrades to help brands get more personal with their tweeps as well.

Businesses will now have nameable and editable welcome messages when creating Direct Message Cards as a part of campaigns to keep their messaging relevant to the campaign.

But what do users get in all this? They’ll be able to see whether the messages they’ve sent have been read by a human customer service agent or a chatbot, thanks to the introduction of read receipts and typing indicators.

If you’re a small business or solopreneur looking to incorporate social customer service into your arsenal, you should keep an eye on this one.

There’s even more great social topics and tidbits in Neri’s article, including info on Twitter stock, creating your own SnapChat lens, AIM’s farewell – insert “I thought they had already died” comment here – and more.

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*Not a real quote. Obvi.