As promised, here’s another “stop f’n around. build a business doing what you love.” highlight.


Ornamentea sparkles!

I first discovered Ornamentea while working on an email marketing project for a publishing client. As an amateur jewelry-maker and handmade fan, I was intrigued.

Here’s their story, paraphrased, of course:

Cynthia Deis began making jewelry out of her kitchen in Raleigh, North Carolina. After, what I’m sure was, a lot of hard work, she found herself selling her work in international boutiques and catalogs.

Her crafts began to take over other parts of her house, not just the kitchen, so she ventured out and bought studio space for her passion.

Cynthia, the lucky gal, was married to a super supportive and patient guy, Galen, who despite his *straightening my tie* corporate background took a sabbatical from work to help Cynthia with her business.

He soon saw a unique business opportunity for them to build a bead store.

Combining business sense with your creative passion?! What a radical idea!

Today Ornamentea has a even bigger studio, 1600 square feet, and attracts patrons of all ages with its bead shop, craft clubs and classes.

Check out Ornamentea’s website and online store.

Buy some beads, get some inspiration and go forth into the world, my child.