Today’s “Stop f’n around” creative entrepreneur is a perfect example of someone who has a DIY mentality for business.

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Sarra Cannon Beautiful Demons

Sarra Cannon is a rock star.

I know her, so I can vouch for that fact.

Sarra is an author of young adult fantasy books Beautiful Demons and Inner Demons and an inspiration for any creative entrepreneur who wants to take matters into their own hands and make things happen for herself.

Here’s her story, paraphrased in true Creativity Loft fashion. *wicked grin*

Sarra grew up in a log cabin in the woods of Georgia.

Isn’t that awesome? And, no, I’m NOT making that up.

Over the past several years, she’s written a handful of books and one novella, much of her writing done during NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month, for the non-writers, but wasn’t able to secure a contract or representation for those works.

During the summer of 2010, Sarra took matters into her own hands and decided to self-publish her books.

Her first book, Beautiful Demons, was released to the public on October 30th.

In a period of 2 months, she’d sold more than 1000 copies.

This may not seem like a lot to some people, but this is an awesome start and I’m floored by her drive, determination and GENUINE spirit.

She did all this without the help of a big publishing house and without a marketing department.

She rolled up her sleeves and made it happen.

Her next project? Starting her own publishing house.

Sarra Cannon will be guest posting on the Creativity Loft blog soon to tell you guys more about her journey and share her tips to self-publishing.

I hope it’ll inspire you guys to get a DIY mentality when it comes to your business– which is important for any creative business, not just self-published authors.

STOP F’N AROUND – Business Tip preview

How to sell more of your products by Monday.

Let me guess. You have a product you want to sell.

It may be a book, some jewelry, yoga classes, whatever.

Point is, you’re a creative entrepreneur and you want to make money.

Don’t be ashamed to say it.

Own up to it.

Just because you want to make money, doesn’t mean you kick puppies. Unless, of course, you do kick puppies. In which case: Not. Cool.

A big problem I have with some creative artsy-fartsy people, and I’m just going to say it, particularly women, WE (yes, I’m invoking the “royal we” because it’s true for me sometimes too, plus I just watched that episode of “Lie to me.” Love Tim Roth!) can be too nice about business and money. Sometimes to the point of sabotaging ourselves. But that’s a subject for another day. Back to the point.

You have a product you want to sell and I want to help you sell more of those products by Monday.

Ballsy statement, huh? Especially since it’s Friday, but I believe you can do it. Don’t let me down.

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