stop whining. start doing.

It is 2011, people. Can you believe it?

Did you accomplish all the things you wanted to last year? How’s your creative business going? Are you accomplishing the goals you wanted to with your business?

Are you actually living the life you want to live, accomplishing the goals you want to accomplish or are you just existing? Going through the motions, doing the same things over and over again and then complaining when you get the same results? See the definition of insanity, please.

It’s time to break out of that vicious, unproductive, boring-as-hell cycle.

It’s time to stop whining and start doing and you can do this through this FREE e-course.

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It’s my gift to you, because, well, I’ll just be honest, whiners suck. Do’ers are awesome.

Stop Wining. Start Doing. is a 4-part e-course designed to help you get off your butt and create an action plan for making things happen in your creative business and life. It’s the supreme kick-in-the-pants you need to jump-start your success this year, this month, this week – and don’t forget, it’s FREE.

Who is this e-course for?

It’s for everyone who needs a little spark to get out of the routine of negativity and start producing action to set and accomplish the goals for their creative businesses.

Maybe you’re trying to write your 1st or 50th novel and you’re stuck, maybe you’re struggling to create unique crafts, maybe you want to balls up to quit your day job to pursue your passions – OR maybe you need to quit going through the motions and find more enjoyment out of life.

Whatever your goals, this free e-course can help.

Take action: Submit your contact information above, check your email box to confirm your enrollment, then buckle up for an awesome ride.

About Creativity Loft
Creativity Loft was founded by me, Tivi Jones, a marketing professional and southern belle with a dirty mouth…and mind, sometimes. I have a passion for creativity, strategic planning, entrepreneurship, dance and romance novels. I get my kicks, literally, by inspiring creative people to turn their passions into profit.