Love the inbox – email marketing strategy class

Love the inbox 2 weeks, practical strategies and tutorials to crafting a profitable and passion-driven email marketing strategy.

I realized two things recently.

1. People I work with really want to know more about email marketing.

2. People are intimidated by it.

I think it’s the term “email marketing.”

As a professional email marketer who has managed the marketing for some pretty far reaching companies, it’s just the lingo I use to describe something I REALLY do enjoy.

I’ve managed, nurtured and grew the email list for some pretty big companies, some that reach more than 90,000 readers each month in the southern USA.

I have some GREAT things in the works for email marketing this year! I take my job VERY seriously, but email marketing should be fun and engaging and perfectly, authentically YOU.

Why use email marketing?

Having an opt-in email list – a list of people who have expressly given you permission to contact them with regard to your business – is a captive audience of people who have openly said “I’m interested in what you have to offer. Please send me information about this.”

Email marketing can be a big sales and results trigger – especially if you nurture your relationship with your list.

But how do you do that?

Love the inbox is a 2-week email marketing strategy class starting October 1, 2012 aimed to teach you how to:

– Create a profitable email marketing strategy
– Craft lovely, engaging emails
– Grow your subscriber list
– Keep the email love and money flowing without driving yourself crazy through amazing automated campaigns

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As a followup course to my Best-Seller Author Brand Bootcamp, Love the inbox gets detailed about actionable email marketing strategies, tips and tricks and will feature tutorials designed to help you do it all yourself.

Want a step-by-step guide to creating a beautiful email newsletter? Want to know which analytics really matter in email marketing? Want to get more people signing up for your list? Want to dive into amazing autoresponders and magnificent merge tags?

This class can help!

This 2-week Love the inbox is for you if any of the following applies to you:

A. you know a little about email marketing but aren’t sure how to more effectively incorporate it into your business mix

B. You use email marketing some, but you’re looking for more advanced and profitable ways to use it.

C. You use email marketing begrudgingly and could really use a mindset revamp on the ways you market.

And if you have friends that fall into any of these categories please spread the word!

What will I learn during the class?

Loads, my dear. Loads. But to get specific…class content will include:

Module 1- Email Marketing Basics
Module 2- Growing, learning and loving your list
Module 3- Creating engaging campaigns
Module 4- Email marketing automation basics
Module 5- Creating an email marketing strategy
Module 6 (BONUS- JUST ADDED)- Email for mobile
Module 7 (BONUS- JUST ADDED)- Web analytics and email
Module 8 (BONUS- JUST ADDED)- Social media marketing and email

+ these great email marketing bonus resources:

Top five dirty little tricks in email marketing
20 ways to grow your list starting today
5 subject lines that deliver results
1 year of email marketing prompts, schedule and strategy – $20 value

I’m telling you, this class will totally change the way you look at email marketing.

This class was created based on proven advice, tactics and resources not just from my experience being a professional email marketer and consultant, but I’ve compiled data, resources and best-practices directly from the world’s top authorities on email marketing to share with you in the class. Sources include Mailchimp, Lyris, Constant Contact, Vertical Response and more.

Seriously, I’ve read, researched and analyzed more than 300 pages of amazing data and created an easy-to-understand, candid take on how to succeed via email marketing.

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When does this class start and how is it delivered?

Love the inbox starts October 1 and all lessons and notifications are delivered via email with the modules delivered at once. 

Students will log into our exclusive online community for passionate business professionals where you can collaborate with other business owners, view and review content.

PLUS Every week during the class, I’ll host office hours that allow you the chance to chat withme, go over content and get a cool live tutorial!

Trust me,  if you have about 2 hours a week you can dedicated to learning about how to use email marketing effectively, I bet you’ll earn that time back and then some once you implement some of these practices.

Love the inbox is a $30 investment that will give you practice tips, guides and resources to help you develop email marketing practices to grow you email list and revenue.

That’s an incredible value for what you’ll be learning.

Email marketing is a BIG sales and results trigger. If you’re a crafter, an artist, an author or any brand that sells a product, how many of those products would you have to sell to make up for the cost of this class?

1, 2, 10 – proper email marketing CAN help you sell that much – sometimes in a matter of minutes after you hit “Send.”

I know you can make it happen! And I’m here to help you do it.

Let’s grow to LOVE the inbox!

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