Love the Inbox Partners

Thanks for your interest in being a Love the Inbox Partner!

Here are the deets:

Help me get the word out about my Love the Inbox: Email Marketing Strategy Program and, for every sale you refer, you earn 50% commission.

How to start earning today:
1. Click here to register for my affiliate program via e-junkie (if you don’t currently have an e-junkie account, you will have to create one, in order to be an affiliate)
2. Once you’re in e-junkie, click “Get Affiliate Code”
3. Then select “Tivi Jones – CreativityLOFT” from the drop down menu.
4. IMPORTANT: From there, select “Love the Inbox” from the drop down menu towards the bottom of the page.
5. Then get your unique URL to share with people who may want to sign up for my class.

NOTE: People must sign up using YOUR unique URL in order for you to get credit for the sales.

Affiliate commissions are paid in the first 10 days of every month (for the previous month’s sales) to the PayPal account on file on e-Junkie.

You can use your unique URL in blog posts, on Facebook, on Twitter or your email newsletters.

Here are a few ways to maximize your affiliate commissions.

-Include a review or editorial feature about the class in your email newsletter or next blog post.

Interview me for your blog

-Send a personal email to your friends or business associates who you think might be interested in this class.


Here are a few sample tweets to help you promote the class:

@CreativityLoft shows you how to market via email with hustle and heart: [YOUR UNIQUE LINK]

Email marketing strategy that’s profitable and passionate. @CreativityLoft shows you how: [YOUR UNIQUE LINK]

Kick-in-the-pants email marketing class from @CreativityLoft: [YOUR UNIQUE LINK]


Or you can add the image and code to your website to promote it. Don’t forget to add in your unique URL as the link.

Love the Inbox: Email Marketing Strategy with hustle and heart

<a href=”YOUR URL HERE” target=”_blank” ><img src=”” alt=”Love the Inbox: Email Marketing Strategy with hustle and heart”/></a>


Got questions about my affiliate program? Hit me up here.

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