Module 2: Adding your email signup form.

The first step to having a successful email marketing plan is to begin growing your list.

This list outlines 10 great places to put your email list signup form today in order to gain new subscribers.


1. Top of the sidebar

Not much explanation needed here, but this spot really works.

2. A Featured Box before your content

Add an email signup prompt before  visitors get to your page content.

3. After asingle post

Logic behind this is, if people read your whole post, they are captured by what you have to say, so they may want to sign up for your email list.

4. On your Facebook page

Drop in a free app to get people to sign up for your email list while they are on your Facebook page. Most EMSP have quick plugins you can install to add this. Contact me on the forums, if you have questions about this.

5. On your About page

If visitors are interested enough to read about you, they are clearly intrigued. Capitalize on that by asking them to sign up for your list.

6. Your website footer

See #3.

7. Bar across the top of your page

Use a service like HelloBar to add an email opt-in across the top of your page.

 8. Popup Box

Do it right and it won’t be annoying. It’ll actually be a great addition.

9. Within posts

I saw GREAT increases in my newsletter subscribe rate – like a 300-400% increase in growth within the span of a week – when I ask people at the end of every post to subscribe to my newsletter list.

10. With your social media icons

You know how people have the Facebook and Twitter icons on their site? Add a little envelop to the group and have it link to your sign up form. Quick and easy.


How do you display email signup on your website?

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