Build an army of readers. And a villainous author sales strategy.

You dream of the day when you’ll be pulling 5 and 6-figure checks from the Amazon kindle store for your indie published book.

That day ISN’T too far off.

You want to know how to sell more? I’ll tell you and it won’t cost you a thing.

To sell more you need to REACH more.

It’s that simple.

Want more sales?

Reach more people. Convince more people. Connect with more people. 

You want to build an army of readers who are enamored with you, your works and your brand. You’ve seen them for other author brands. Hell, you’re probably one of them.

I know I am. A proud Muggle and a Moning-maniac.

“Minions, Mind Worms & Mind-Control Rays: An Author’s Mini Guide to Marketing, PR & World Domination” is a concise digital guide full of actionable steps to developing an author sales strategy centered around relationship building, sharing and your authentic author brand.

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It’s the guide for authors who:

1. Are indie published and who aren’t sure where to start when it comes to marketing, promotion or an author sales strategy.

2. For any author who wants more than a “shotgun” marketing strategy, but something that enables them to not only reach lots of people, but reach lots of the right people.

3. For authors who want to be more than Dollar Menunaires with their Kindle royalty checks.

And if you’ve read this far, it’s most-likely a guide for you!

“Minions, Mind worms and Mind-Control Rays” is a short ebook that will guide you through the basics of updating your author sales strategy and sales pages (yes, you do have a sales page), reaching people in mass and cultivating relationships with people who are most-likely to buy your books. PLUS there’s bonus content aimed to inspire, engage and kick you in the proverbial pants.

“Minions, Mind worms and Mind-Control Rays” is available for $2.99.

Grab your copy and start building your army today.

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Want to learn more about this mini guide?

Read our “Mind Worms” section to discover how to write a news release that delivers results AND how to reach hundreds, maybe thousands, of people with it.

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