Submit your digital media marketing questions

Woot! Woot!

I’m bringing sexy back!

Ok, Ok, I’m really bringing video posts back and I’m super excited about it.

Every week I’ll feature a question or trick for digital media marketing, online business strategy or creative entrepreneur success, but I want to hear from you guys!

I have a GREAT backlog of questions from classes I’ve taught, clients I’ve worked with and industry professionals who I personally know and love, but I want more…

I’m just greedy like that.

I want to hear your digital media marketing questions! Maybe you have concerns about social media, blogging, online business strategy and just balancing work and life while being a creative entrepreneur. Send ’em to me.

Why video posts?

If you’ve ever interacted with me in person, you know I’m excited about my industry and what I do. I can be a ball of energy and I LOVE throwing out ideas and suggestions to people – and doing this in a fun, irreverent, super candid way.

My passion, my excitement and my fever for this doesn’t always come through in my written posts. And it’s kind of rude to write posts in ALL CAPS like I feel like doing sometimes.

All the bold in the world can’t express how much I love working with creative people.

So I hope to give you a glimpse of this passion and inspire you with these videos.

So send me your questions, and subscribe to the Creativity Loft YouTube channel to get updates.

You can leave a comment below with your questions, @ mention me at @CreativityLoft on Twitter or use my contact form.

The first post goes up this Thursday! It’s a very insightful question and I totally go in on the answer.

I’m excited to share these video posts and other fun and helpful resources coming your way this year!