Take Action Bookmark Notes by Mayi Carles on Etsy

Take Action Bookmark Notes by Mayi Carles on Etsy - click the image

I challenge you to do more.

My challenge is just that simple.

Do. more.

I often share with people the disgusting state of my email box.

Right now. At this very moment. I’m sitting at 4557 unread messages.

I admit, I’m a scanner who gets a LOT of email.

“Ridiculous.” My mom’s words.

“F’n ridiculous.” My spin.

My email box is my non-doing at its finest. I’m guilty of non-action sometimes too.

This week I want to do more!

“Take action” is the phrase I’m living this week.

I want to stop procrastinating, not just with my emails, but with lots of things in my life.

I want to dive in more! Take action.

I want to finally clean the corner of my bedroom that used to be my home office before I abandoned it for a bigger space.

I want to fold the clean laundry I dumped into a chair after it came from the dryer.

I want to stop stepping over that same piece of paper near my desk because I’m too “busy” to take the 5 seconds it takes to put it in the trash.

F’n ridiculous. I told you.

But this challenge needs to go deeper.

I want it to be more than me doing more around my house or with my family.

I want to do more around my LIFE, my business, my passions!

I want YOU to do the same.

Think about it. What’s stopping you?

Start that novel you keep putting off.

Finish that painting you have tucked away.

Begin writing your business plan for your creative business.

Are you really do ALL you could?

Take Action!

Start somewhere.

I challenge you to do more than you did yesterday…and live more and be more as well.

…shit, 4558.

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