Tweet trends for email marketing

Mailchimp introduces tweet trends for email marketing to help you get a little more social with your subscribers.

What is mail chimp?

Mailchimp is a rockstar email marketing service provider.

We’re a team of about 100 developers, designers, professional problem solvers, tinkerers and takeout critics, working around the clock to make MailChimp the most powerful email–marketing service in the universe.
-from Mailchimp

It’s a comprehensive service. It’s witty, which I love. And it’s FREE if you have less than 2000 subscribers.

With the most recent update, Mailchimp introduced Tweet Trends for email marketing which allows account managers to analyze public social data to develop insights about list subscribers.

Why is this great for your business? Oh, boy, let me tell you.

I’ll even share my disturbing stats from running my first tweet trends for email marketing report. Sheesh. It’s transforming the way I manage my digital media marketing. Seriously.

4 Ways Tweet Trends for Email Marketing Can Transform Your Digital Media Strategy (And How it’s Transforming Mine!)

1. You can see how many of your subscribers are on Twitter and how many follow you.

This was like a kick in the teeth for me at first, but not really that surprising, once I think about typical open rates.

Tweet trends for email marketing

I can see that 45.8% of my subscribers are on twitter, but only 21.5% of them follow me on Twitter. -__-

How this will transform my digital media strategy:

So this information makes me re-think two things about my email marketing; my open rate and my content layout.

I know improving my open rate will show more people that I’m on Twitter, because more people will be reading my content, so maybe I’ll try Mailchimp’s A/B split testing feature for subject lines.

Also perhaps I don’t make it clear enough to subscribers that I’m on Twitter. So I think about the way I layout my content – my “Follow me on Twitter” and “Like me on Facebook” buttons are at the bottom of my messages. Not good.

2. You can see which subscribers are tweeting about you.

One big thing stands out to me, when I look to see when subscribers mention @CreativityLoft on Twitter.

Only a few subscribers are actually talking about my digital media content.

Tweet trends for email marketing

How this will transform my digital media strategy:

First of all, I have to say Mailchimp’s tweet trends for email marketing doesn’t show every message a subscriber has made to you, because I know for a fact I’m missing several in my dashboard, but it’s a good place to start.

While I love sending friendly messages and showing that I, Tivi Jones, have personality and spunk, when people mention @CreativityLoft on Twitter I want them talking about the resources and services I provide. Which is why I have separate Twitter accounts for me and for my business.

So this makes me think: What type of tweets am I making on Twitter? How do I show personality and be about promoting my business at the same time?

Now, with services like Hootsuite, you can see when anyone mentions you on Twitter, but there’s value in being able to see subscriber mentions, because these people, essentially, are your brand advocates.

3. Find out which hashtags your subscribers are using.

With tweet trends for email marketing, I can not only see which hashtags my subscribers are using, but which topics are trending near me – all from my email marketing dashboard.

Tweet trends for email marketing

How this will transform my digital media strategy:

This transforms my digital media marketing strategy in two ways.

1. Now I don’t have to guess to see what my subscribers are talking about. I can jump into the conversation. I can hit them where they live and keep my brand at top-of-mind awareness for past, present and future customers.

2. Because I’m also a digital media marketing consultant – in that, I provide services to companies and brands – being able to see what people are talking about in my area is great because networking and connecting locally is important for my revenue. Now, I don’t see myself chatting about how “real men respect Bieber” any time soon, but it’s good to know.

4. You can see who your subscribers like.

I love being able to see who my subscribers follow. And having the basic stats on these top twitter accounts comes in handy.

Tweet trends for email marketing

How this will transform my digital media strategy:

A lot of my subscribers are authors so I can see that the top accounts my subscribers follow are related to the publishing industry.

While I want to continue to be a resource to writers, this information is a reminder that, if I want to expand to other industries, I have to do it in a way that doesn’t alienate my existing audience.

Also seeing who my subscribers like on twitter gets me thinking about strategic partnerships I could try to nurture to build more exposure for my brand.

So how do you add tweet trends for email marketing to your MailChimp account?

Log into your Mailchimp account.

Select your list.

Under the “Stats” Drop down box, select “Tweet Trends.”

If your Twitter account is already connected you can start loading data.

It may take a few minutes, but then – viola – you have insights to your subscribers on Twitter.

Test it out.

I’m a stats geek, so I love stuff like this, but now I realize I have a lot of work to do for my own business and for my clients.

Have an awesome weekend!