Branding Irons by jkirkhart35 on Flickr

How much action did you take last week in your life, your business and your creativity?

Loads? Great.

Not so much? Well, do better this week.

If you’re the type of person who needs an extra kick-in-the pants toward getting on the right track in your business, I have a treat for you:

I’m teaching a new Branding Bootcamp class April 1- 15th!

It’s for the Outreach International Romance Writers chapter of RWA.

It’s for authors, but all the information I give can be applied to any business.

Want to sign up for it?


Trust me. If you’re looking to learn more about branding, want to change your brand, or have no idea what branding is, this class is for you.

Here’s more details about the class and PLEASE spread the word to people who may be interested!

Branding is not just for big businesses, soda companies or cows anymore. Individuals are using branding to get jobs, develop new relationships and even sell books. But how?

Developing a solid author brand doesn’t have to be some grand sleep-inducing process. This Author Branding Bootcamp online class will help authors create an author brand that is simple, effective and one with room to grow as your career grows.

The course will outline the basics of branding, show students how to create a targeted, but flexible brand and introduce them to vehicles they can use to brand themselves.

By the end of the course, students will have a solid knowledge of branding strategy, their individual author brand and a plan to improve their brand over time.

“Tivi’s energy and enthusiasm is the perfect kick in the pants you need to spark your business into high gear!” ~National Bestseller CJ Lyons

“The Author Branding Bootcamp is a great class for those of us who don’t know how to start branding and promoting our own work. I really enjoyed the humor with which [she] laid out the basics…” ~ Ryder Islington