Using Social Media for Business, A Few Links – My Presentation Day!

Hi there!
If you’re wondering where I’ve been for the past week, I’ve been networking, meeting people and preparing for my Using Social Media for Business class at the Durham Chamber of Commerce.
In honor of my Social Media for Business class today, I want to share a few links for using social media for business.
I prefer to get information from the source when it comes to social media, so here are a few information sources that I reference when it comes to learning about social media.
Wish me luck today!
I’ll post my presentation as a webinar or eBook soon!
Which would you prefer?


  1. Tivy – My name is Teri Beckman and I want to say THANKS SO MUCH for your great presentation.  Hard to believe that was your first public presentation.  You are a natural.  Information was concise, but very helpful and you handled questions like a pro!!  Thanks so very much… hope you will come back and present again at Chamber U! 

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