Weekend Warrior Challenge Tivi Jones

Confession: I’m a packrat.

I get it from my father.

One of my mantras for 2013 is:

I want to remove clutter;
Maintain a healthy non-toxic state (mentally, physically, environmentally, financially, etc.);
and keep stress to a minimum.

For this weekend’s project, I’m challenging myself to get a head-start on the de-clutter part of that mantra.

This is where my packrat nature causes problems.

Because of my love of all things DIY, I save a lot of stuff. Crazy stuff that I might, possibly one day use for some unknown Pintester-worthy project.

Weekend Warrior Challenge - De-clutter Kitchen CabinetsMy mission this weekend is to de-clutter my kitchen.

To get rid of all the empty spaghetti sauce and milk bottles I’ve saved, limit myself to 3-5, not the 12 or so I have stashed in one cabinet.

To get rid of the mountain of reusable plastic grocery bags I have beneath my sink.

To purge the heart of my home of junk — so that one day I can walk into West Elm at the Streets at Southpoint and buy out all the adorable kitchen stuff.

This weekend’s extraordinary living challenge, should you choose to accept it:

De-clutter 1 room/area of your house.

This could be a drawer you can barely open. A cabinet you don’t dare let your spouse look into. Or, as was the case when I had longer hair, your dreadfully full hair supply stash. *shudder* Don’t even get me started on my “weave drawer”…

Pick a room or area and de-freaking-clutter this weekend.

Get down to the minimum.

Learn to do without.

Get rid of your backup’s backup.

Do you really need it?

Drag stuff out to the curb.
Call a friend to see if they need anything you have.
Or drop stuff off at the local goodwill.

Challenge Rules:
1. Be all in for the challenge, or don’t even start. If you’re not pumped, excited or motivated to complete the challenge, don’t do it.
2. Block out some time in your schedule to complete the challenge. Schedule it. Write it down.
3. If you’re down, challenge your friends. Tweet it out. Share the challenge with your friends on social media.
4. Identify exactly how you’re going to execute and finish this challenge.
5. Complete this task 100% this weekend. No half-assing. Get it done or don’t do it at all.
6. You have until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. to complete the challenge.
7. Reward yourself for completing the weekend warrior challenge 100% and on time. Yay! Have some dark chocolate, a netflix night, smooches with the boo or a pat on the back. You rock.

You ready to do it?

Let’s roll!