Is your book, product or service selling?

You may be the reason why…

Probably because you’re sitting on your butt watching it as if it’ll grow legs and go sell itself.

This is a hard pill to swallow– trust me, I know– and this applies to a lot of creative brands who are trying to get the word out or sell a product or service, whether you’re an author, photographer, writer, consultant or even, (dare I say it?) one of the professionals* mentioned in the title of this post…

Let me remind you of something. Your book, product or service is not going to jump up and go stand on the corner with a cool flippy sign that says “buy me.” You, on the other hand, could– if it were an effective marketing tactic for your brand.

My point is, YOU have to sell your product and yourself.

Yes, YOU.

And if you don’t know how to grab your product by the proverbial balls and go hawk it like a cheap street-walker, you may be doomed to only being a “Dollar Menu-aire” with your creative company.

A really cool gal I know, Sonja Foust— amazingly beautiful and talented author and techie genius– started a cool site to promote her first book when it came out called Promo Ho. Go there and read the material. It’s appropriate for today’s topic.

My point is Sonja got it right.

She didn’t sit on her butt thinking “Oh wow! I have this really cool book. I think I’m going to make a website then wait for the dough to roll in.” She took action. And she did you one better- she created a place to help other authors get over the sitonbutt-itis and cross over to the dark side of being promo hoes.

Come on in. We assure you the water is fine! *maniacal laughter*

I tweeted once “#Authors, if you’re shy about #promoting your #books, people will be shy about buying them.”

Think about it. It makes sense, right? Right.

Well take that and apply it to your creative brand.

This may be controversial to say, but *shrug* I believe in telling it like it is. The truth will set you free and all that jazz, you know.

Pimp your products and whore yourself out, but not for cheap…*briefly wondering if I should change the title to say “…high-priced prostitutes”*…but, of course, have a plan and be smart about it too.

Would a street-walker operate on the corner near a police station? Probably not, but, MAN, the writer side of my brain already has the plot to that novel- but I digress.

My point is have a strategy. A smart strategy for your pimpage. Then execute it. In other words, work it. Shake what ya mama gave ya, if you will.

If you’re interested, and, trust me, you are, here are a few things you can do that may help with your pimpage.

Take care of the simple stuff when it comes to your brand!

Do you have business cards? Get them.

Photographers, do you have an online portfolio? Make one.

Chefs/bakers, do you record all your recipes and photograph your dishes. Get on it.

Do u have a dedicated business email address? will not cut it in the baking industry, I assure you.

Do you promote your brand in your email signature. Put it there now. Seriously. Stop reading and go do it now. I’ll wait.

Tell your friends and family about your brand!

Don’t mention prostitutes and pimps and all that stuff, but make sure you mention your brand. And make them pay for your products or services. Wait! Stop! Don’t even think about giving family members free copies of your book. *scoff* Perhaps this is the hardass in me, but tell them to buy it. B-U-Y. Say it with me: “No, grandma, you will have to buy a copy.” Practice makes perfect. If you’re an author, enough people will be getting free copies once the bastard bootleggers get a copy of your book, so the people who love you should support you with their dollars.

Remember pimping is a job.

Do it every day. Even when you don’t want to. Don’t groan. Do it. Pimping ain’t easy, my friends.

Digitize your pimpage to reach new markets.

Whether it’s through websites, social media, email marketing, etc. virtual pimpage is possible and helps you reach clients you couldn’t before.

Collaborate with the other working gals (or guys)- your peers, my dears.

What strategies work for them? What do their clients like? What are some of their sure fire tips to making the sale?

Seriously, there’s so much more you can do. But the point is you gotta DO it. Take action.

If you want your creative brand to thrive, get off your butt and make it happen. Make things happen. Want a roadmap during your journey? Well make a plan! Even creative businesses need business plans.

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(I’m terrified to see the keywords that bring people to this post. Yikes! By-the-way, can anyone remind me of the name of that Terrance Howard movie? I’m in the mood to watch it for some reason.)

*Creativity Loft is in no way condoning illegal activities.