Washington State Cage Fighting Championships

I was going to call this post what to do when you fall down the stairs, land on your face, roll over into dog poop and THEN life kicks you in the teeth but I could only imagine what my incoming SEO search terms would be.

I started typing this blog post on Monday evening as I was sitting on my sister-in-law’s floor, because my car wouldn’t start and I was stranded and desperately trying to figure out how to: 1. Get home, so I could (sad, but true) work. 2. Get my car fixed to be able to take my nephew to school on Tuesday and get to visit my family on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

Monday was the day from HELL.

Not only did my car stop, but it picked the most inopportune time to do so. No, not when I might head out to pick up a random snack or when I decide to treat myself to a movie, but right when I had to pick up my 5-year-old nephew from school.

And don’t even get me started on the web issues I had on my site and series of other random acts of suckiness that hit me on Monday.

I’ve had one bad thing after another happen to me this month, it seems.

And then just when I think things can’t get ANY worse. When I THINK I may have things under control. When I think I may be making leeway.

Then, life kicks me in the teeth.

I’ll admit it. For about 30 seconds on Monday, I literally had a nervous breakdown.


And then, with some true-to-form colorful language, I acted.

I, literally, walked a mile to pick up my nephew at school (on time, I might add) and got him to his house for dinner.

I decided, instead of fighting with a broken website, a broken layout and tech support, I’d revert back to a layout I used previously, because I was wasting TOO much time and having my website down for 3 days was KILLING my business.

I decided, rather than freak and stress and sweat over what to do about a car that wouldn’t start, I’d just get home and deal with the car when I had the time to do so. The week of Thanksgiving is probably the worse week to have car trouble.

The funny thing about all this drama and stress is – it’s helped me realize a thing or two about myself and has inspired me to work a bit smarter.

People’s true colors come out when they are backed into a corner and have to fight their way out.

What have I learned from my experience being kicked in the teeth?

I learned how to get up.

When life kicks you in the teeth you must ALWAYS get up!

If you ever find yourself on the ground with life aiming a steel-toed boot at your pearly whites, remember these 3 things.


Take a moment, if you have to, to freak out, but ONLY a moment. 30 seconds MAX. You DON’T have time to freak. You have to FIX your situation. Get off your butt and act!

Do that thing you know you should do. Don’t be a baby. Crying will get you no where. ACT.


The universe is NOT out to get you. God is NOT mad at you. Karma is not a bitch (at least she isn’t at this particular moment). Life does NOT suck.

Look at your situation and think: How could I have avoided getting here?

*raising hand* Let me tell you, it’s NOT an easy thing to admit, but you are probably culpable in some way for at least part of your situation. Learn from your mistakes and DON’T let yourself get there again.

This isn’t to say adopt an “I can’t do anything right” attitude. No. Be reasonable and understanding with yourself. Just don’t keep making the same mistakes, if mistakes got you in the mess you’re in.


Sometimes it’s all you can do to keep from breaking down and crying. Laugh.

Just freaking laugh.

Wishing you and yours a drama-free, kick-less, Thanksgiving.

@TiviJones for @Creativityloft

[photo “Washington State Cage Fighting Championships” by KellBailey]