The Challenge Creativity loft

I’m in the midst of a serious challenge.

A knock-down, drag-out, fight-for-your-life challenge.

Sometimes it’s crazy how hard it can be to fight for yourself, your passions, your dreams.

To fight past what friends, parents, associates and former colleagues think you should be doing.

To fight your way out of that damned boxed society has tried to put you in.

The box we ourselves have willingly stepped into.

What if more of us did things that we were passionate about?

What would this world look like if more of us did the work of our souls?

I had this conversation with a colleague at the part-time job I’ve been working for the past few weeks.

Yes, I had a moment of panic and got a part-time job last month. Thursday is my last day. Great company, but the work doesn’t feed my soul like this work does.

It’s taken me two years of running Creativity Loft to finally wake up and realize: the work that feeds my soul, is the work of creating lofty ideals, of inspiring others, of challenge, of connecting and of using this amazing digital realm to do all of that.

That’s my passion. That’s the work that makes me excited every day to get up.

That’s the work that makes me sit at my desk all day and forget to eat – and anyone who knows me, knows I don’t play ’bout my food. *grin*

My challenge for this month is to do more of that – to do the work that inspires me.

And I challenge you to do the same.

What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

What venture would you launch if your faith in yourself was unshakable?

I heard these words today:

Faith does not exist apart from action.

Have the faith to act on your own behalf. On behalf of your dreams.

And if you don’t have faith yet, act anyway and your faith will grow as you do.

Get your butt in gear.

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