Lady Gaga - why being strange is good for business


Are you a little strange, unique or weird? Learn how this can be GOOD for business.

Today’s Creativity Loft marketing topic is a bit different. It’s all about how being a little strange, a little different, being unique and showing some extra special personality is GOOD for your business.

I’m serious. Let’s get it.

To illustrate my point I want to talk about ice cream for a second here.

I like vanilla ice cream.

Millions of people like vanilla ice cream.

If you ever wanted to go into the ice cream business, you may think:

“Well, everyone likes vanilla ice cream, so I should definitely make vanilla ice cream.”

I’m not saying this is a BAD idea, but just go to your local grocery store and take a look at all the different brands of vanilla ice cream out there.

There are too many to name.

There is SO much competition in the vanilla ice cream market, you probably won’t get much attention.

Now, why don’t you check your local grocer’s freezer for something unique like Tiramisu-flavored ice cream. How much competition is there for that? Not much, probably.

Now you may think: “Well, more people will like Vanilla ice cream than Tiramisu ice cream so I’m more likely to make more money with vanilla ice cream.”

Let me break it down for you.

Probably 1/3 of people in the market for vanilla ice cream- have EXTREME brand loyalty and they probably won’t even TRY your brand of ice cream, as long as their favorite brand has a nice new tub waiting for them every time they need it.

Another 1/3 of people in the market for vanilla ice cream, are going to go for whatever is the cheapest, because *shrug* vanilla is vanilla is vanilla.

The last little bit of people are probably fickle- and they may buy vanilla, they may buy chocolate… or they may see some Tiramisu ice cream and snatch that up.

Running a business is kind of like picking an ice cream flavor when it comes to your ability to find clients. You either need to have an established brand name or you have to stand out!

Be unapologetically you.

Your marketing should highlight your unique voice, your unique talent, your USP (unique selling point) – what makes you different?

This is isn’t about listing all the ways you are better than your competition. Let that go. It’s not about being better. It’s about being authentic.

If you know what makes you different and unique and then you promote those characteristics, your target audience will realize you are better for them.

If your brand is edgy, no-nonsense, candid and kickass, don’t water that down because you want to appeal to the broadest number of people. It doesn’t help you because you aren’t accurately representing yourself and it doesn’t help potential customers.

Don’t conform to the average or the norm for the sake of “more sales.” FIND sales in your niche with an authentic, true-to-life business model and marketing that highlights your USP.

Here are a few tips to tapping into your uniqueness:

1. Stop watching your competition.

Just stop. How is it serving you to constantly worry abut what your competition is doing? It isn’t. And it may be subconsciously influencing your business. Get away and focus 100% on your company.

2. Market with heart.

Marketing is about serving your audience, not your sales. Rethink your marketing efforts and discover how your unique business can help your audience. “Selling” is not a bad thing.

We have some upcoming free training materials that will help you do this better. Stay tuned.

3. Do that thing you always wanted to do…

…but you don’t think you’re ready for – or you’re not sure if it’ll work – or whatever reason you have for not doing it yet. Just freaking go for it. It’ll refresh you. It’ll remind you why you’re here. It’ll revive your uniqueness.

So tell us: How do you show your unique personality in your business?

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Photo Credit: Lady Gaga by Mariano Vivanco