Give your social media some swagrid

Do you have social media swagger?

Swagger as in style, flavor.

Your own secret crabby patty formula.

I tell people all the time:

There are no new ideas, it’s all in how you put your own special spin on it.

It’s what makes you you.

The you-ness of your business differentiates it from your peers, sets it apart from your competition and makes people who really love your you-ness, really love your YOU-nique business.

And your special swagger is uber important on social media.

Social media marketing is about voice. Your personality has to shine through in that voice.

Don’t be vanilla.

Put your style into it. Show some personality.

Read a post I wrote about why people want to see some personality in your business and then head over to CreativityLOFT on Facebook for a swaggerific tutorial and tell me how you put personality in your business.

Today’s CreativityLOFT Facebook exclusive content explains how to create a custom, branded and swaggalicious Twitter background. Step-by-step instructions, peeps.

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