If you’re an author, how much do you read about craft or attend workshops or develop your brand?

If you’re a publisher, how much do you read about your industry?

Do you network with your peers? Seek advice?

I published a post several years ago called “why creative brands should sleep with the ‘enemy'” (I may publish it again, if I can find the original, but my site was hacked again this year, so I lost all my published posts) and for some reason that idea was on my mind this morning.

Specifically the idea of: “You are what you eat.”

Maybe I was being hard on myself because I HAVEN’T been devouring much of my own industry lately and I really need to.

My personal life and work life have been going through a lot of changes lately and I really need a vacation – but that’s no excuse for NOT keeping up with my industry.

And no matter what you are going through, you can’t afford to NOT devour more about your industry and your craft.

You WILL get left behind if you don’t.

Find ways to make this a part of your everyday routine.

This is why I encourage people to do what they love, because then keeping up with your industry won’t feel like work.

Subscribe to newsletters or blog feeds for people or companies your industry.

Attend workshops.

Do research.

Download podcasts.

Actively work at developing a new skill.

Connect with your peers.


Do it.

It’ll make you stronger in your niche.


[photo “Big ass burger between 2 grill cheese sandwiches” by chunkysalsa]